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Content creation shouldn't be hard.

Are you tired of sending your product to an influencer and only getting one image or post out of it? ModernNerd helps you partner with influencers and create tons of visual content for your Instagram and social media accounts.



With ModernNerd, it's optimized and automated.

Enjoy having your very own Content Creator who can partner with influencers to develop custom videos and photography, optimized for your Instagram and social channels.


Andres Afseth, founder of AlphaGym

"3x more leads."

We were having problems getting people to signup through our website. After using the ModernNerd formula, we now get 3x more leads.
— Andres Afseth on Feb 12, 2017


How it works...


01: Get Aligned.

We work with you to create a Content formula consisting of a shot list that tells the narrative of your marketing priorities, seasonal focuses, and new product launches.


02: Film & shoot.

We secure a location, an creator, and we send a our creator with your product in-hand, to capture a slew of videos and images that match your brand concepts.


03: Post-Production.

Our lean process turns around the videos and photos within 3-5 days. You come away with buckets of fresh, engaging content for your Instagram and social media.

We've helped...

Wework Community

Create a more community focused Instagram funnel out of lifestyle content.

Chomps Snack Sticks

Boost their social media presence with a mixture of product and lifestyle images.

Glory Juice

Diversify their Instagram content with more lifestyle focused images.

And many more...


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Outsource your Instagram marketing and get back to running your business.

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"We saw immediate results."

"It was hard to get our heads around the right messaging for our audience. With 3 simple tips from ModernNerd we now have a website that speaks directly to our customers."

— Robin Campbell, Entrepreneur & founder of Dance Dojo.

"Our responses doubled."

"I was spending a lot on my marketing without getting results. I used 3 small tweaks from the ModernNerd formula and immediately my responses doubled."

— Christian Robinson, Entrepreneur & founder of Blink Spanish.

"We get 3x more leads."

"We were having problems getting people to signup through our website. After using the ModernNerd formula, we now get 3x more leads."

— Andres Afseth, Entrepreneur & founder of Alpha Gym.