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Health & fitness brands on Instagram.


Christian Robinson, founder of Blink Spanish

"Our responses doubled."

I was spending a lot on my marketing without getting results. I used 3 small tweaks from the ModernNerd formula and immediately my responses doubled.
— Christian Robinson on July 27, 2017

Apparel & lifestyle.


In a noisy space such as fitness apparel, your brand is your content; you need an original angle to break through on Instagram. Put more focus on the lifestyle you support than on your products.


Nutrition & supplements.


You need to place transparency at the forefront of your brand story. Use Instagram to show the public how you source and develop your products.


Wearables & tech.

At the core of your branding should be a mission to give athletes an advantage through cutting-edge technology. Use Instagram to showcase the data-driven results people can achieve.


Gym & training.


Everyone can train in their living room; they come to a gym to be a part of a social community. Use Instagram to show the genuine motivation your customers get by being part of a group.