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Ultimate Fighting Championship.


Harnessing devoted fans to bring new fans into the eco-system.

Agency: Red Interactive


Major challenge:


UFC wanted to reach the casual fan base that was intimidated by their history.


Our solution.

User-generated content.

We got hard-core fans to tell their stories of why they love the UFC.


Key results.

Increase fan base.

UFC reached a wider audience and achieved a more gender-balanced fan base.



Product Launch.

Role: UX/UI design, Motion graphics, Content strategy.

Objective: Reach.

UFC had a rich history and hard-core fan base. We provided the fuel to get loyal fans talking about their favorite fighter moments.


Social to the core.

We provided a platform for fans to share their fighter stories — knowing that the passion would reach and excite the casual fans.


I was most impressed with how Bal (Balind) could evaluate the target, draw paradigms, and use them to define an experience.
— Seth Reid, Technology Director


Content Funnel

Role: Content strategy, Creative direction.

More than just wins & losses.

Casual fans were intimidated by the bout history of the sport. We showed them the story-driven side of the fighters.


Story was in their DNA.

Each fighter had their own story of struggle and triumph. Focusing on that story allowed us to connect with casual fans.



Bal (Balind) puts his heart and soul into everything that he does — no matter how small or seemingly insignificant a task may be.
— Mark Campbell, Digital Producer