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Come for the cars, stay for the user-experience.

Agency: ATTIK


Major challenge.

Poor sales.

Scion needed to capture more leads from prospective buyers visiting their website.


Our solution.

Educate & entertain.

We integrated the car configurator into the site browsing process.

Key results.

Test drives up!

Scion reported a 34% increase in test drive bookings 3 months after launch.



Product launch.

Role: UX/UI Design, Motion graphics, Content strategy.


Objective: Book test drives.

Our car configurator behaved like a shopping cart—a really smart one. We integrated the configurator into the browsing experience, allowing users to add features from any page.


Minimal UI, meet focused content.

We called it an "invisible UI".  The experience was designed around the content so that navigating the site felt effortless.


Bal’s (Balind’s) presentations were the most comprehensive, well-though out pitches I had seen, and he backed them with convincing strategic direction.
— Ron Lim, Creative Director


Content funnel.

Role: Content strategy, Digital creative direction

Scion customers were the hero.

We took emphasis off of Scion and put it on their customers—educating them with benefits through entertaining stories of real Scion drivers.


Emotional, story-driven content.

We used legitimate millennial entrepreneurs instead of actors. They showed the side of Scion that represented much more than a car — Scion represented a movement.

Videos by ATTIK


Social media blitz...

Photography by Dave Hill

Photography by Dave Hill


Bal (Balind) is forward thinking and current — no matter the technology, he brings great concepts, theory, and leadership.
— Bryan Saftler, Marketing Manager