Modern Nerd Co
Modern Nerd Co
Branding & Design for high-growth, technology companies

Natalia Alvarez.

"I'd love to work with ModernNerd again - it was a positive experience overall. They were a very personable crew while maintaining professional aesthetics."

— Natalia Alvarez, Marketing Manager at Glory Juice Co.

Ilan Cumberbirch.

"It was a great experience - Very thorough job, efficient with our time, and a great product."

— Ilan Cumberbirch, Owner, The Yard Athletics

Christian Robinson.

"I was spending a lot on my marketing without getting results. Bal (Balind) suggested 3 small tweaks and immediately my responses doubled."

— Christian Robinson, Entrepreneur & founder of Blink Spanish.

Robin Campbell.

"It was hard to get our heads around the right messaging for our audience. With 3 simple tips from Bal (Balind) we now have a website that speaks directly to our customers."

— Robin Campbell, Entrepreneur & founder of Dance Dojo.

Andres Afseth.

"We were having problems getting people to signup through our website. Bal (Balind) showed us how to clarify our messaging and now we get 3x more leads."

— Andres Afseth, Entrepreneur & founder of Alpha Gym.