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Lululemon athletics.


Photo & video content for social media.

Lululemon is about sharing the moments their community breathes in. 


Major challenge.

Develop community.

Lululemon wanted to reach their audience in a genuine way.


Our solution.

Make it real.

We did a shoot with one of their ambassadors, Catrina Judge, in the cold North West.

Key results.

Increased engagement.

More content, delivered in a compelling and genuine way, means more engagement.


Branded video.

In under 24 seconds we brought the viewer in to what it would be like to go on a cold winter workout with Lululemon ambassador Catrina Judge.


Boomerangs & loops.

We provided a multitude of short and inspiring videos... designed to be shared on social media.


Behind-the-scenes footage.

The shoot was run-and-gun in the spirit of Lululemon sweat - making the behind-the-scenes footage perfect for Snapchat and Instagram stories.


Behind the scenes.