Modern Nerd Co
Modern Nerd Co
Branding & Design for high-growth, technology companies

What is ModernNerd?

ModernNerd is a micro-agency that provides branded lifestyle and product content creation for social media.



What do you do?

We use storytelling formulas to create tiered narratives that attract your audience deeper into your sales funnel.



What makes you different?

We produce content specifically for social media, not ads or commercials - The results are fast turnarounds and authentic content created for a fraction of the cost of most agencies.

How does ModernNerd work?

After selecting a plan - you'll have an Content strategist assigned to your account. Your Content strategist will get to know your brand and create a content creation proposal for you. Once you approve the proposal, we will go to work creating the content. You will always have immediate access to your outsourced Content strategist.

What's the turnaround time for Content Production?

3 days with the Startup and Business plans, 5 days with the Enterprise plan. After the Content Formula is approved and the location and influencer/model have been secured, there's less than a business week between the video/photo shoot and you receiving your assets.

How do I know your content production will match my brand vision?

Because it's not about you, it's about your customer. We use proven creative formulas to cut through the noise and speak directly to your audience. You approve the formula before we move into production and then it's full-steam ahead. ModernNerd isn't for people that want to take on Creative direction as a hobby, it's for businesses that want an ROI.

Is ModernNerd only for Instagram?

We focus on Instagram but the content we create can be used on any social media platform, website, or email blast.

Is this a long term commitment?

No, the ModernNerd membership is offered month-to-month with no long term commitment. Every month you will have the opportunity to pay for another month or cancel.

Who is ModernNerd for?

ModernNerd is for brands who are ready to invest in their presence on Instagram. We've helped everyone from individuals, to startups, to well-known brands. Our focus is leveraging Instagram as a sales tool for your business so that you can get back to running it.

Do I need to give photo credit when I post?

Nope, everything we make is owned by you. No credit needed.

Can I see some sample photos and video content?

Sure thing. Have a look.