Video & Photo Hybrid Shoot - Behind-the-Scenes

Our clients hire us to capture large amounts of video and photo content in a short time. Having two cameras means we don’t have to waste time switching lenses or taking a camera on and off of a gimbal.

If you’re a hybrid shooter, meaning you shoot both video and photos with the same camera, you know that it can be a challenge to keep a streamlined workflow.

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The model:


  • A Cam: A7iii w/ 85mm, f1.4 G-Master for close ups & details
  • B Cam: A7Sii w/ 25mm, f2 Zeiss Batis w/ Pilotfly gimbal for sweeping cinematic shots

Memory Modes

  • Mode 1: 24fps 4K
  • Mode 2: 120fps 1080p
  • Aperture priority: Portrait photo
  • Shutter priority: Fast-moving photo
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