The Three Types of Video every Brand Needs



Give your sales funnel a rock sold foundation with these 3 essential videos.


Why it’s important to create tiers of content. 

If you’d like to convert more leads into customers from social media, or help your clients do the same - you’ll need to create 3 separate types of content. 

Tier 01: Lifestyle content to introduce people to your brand. 

Tier 02: Branded content that allows people to see if you’re a fit for each other. 

Tier 03: Product content that extols the features and benefits of working with you.


Don’t make this mistake

Most businesses make the mistake of only making the third tier of content. 

  • Don’t neglect the content that introduces yourself before creating the content that sells yourself. 
  • The first to tiers are intended to warm people up to you gradually. 
  • At the center of each of these content types should be video. So if you’re starting from scratch - create these 3 videos first!

Tier 01: Lifestyle video

Create a connection through shared interests. 

  • These are your regular, consistent programming. 
  • You should publishing one of these every week at least. 
  • They should be a mixture of entertaining and informative, with a focus on the lifestyle surrounding your brand.
  • This could be as simple as showing happy people living their best life. 

Tier 02: Brand video

Explain who your customers are and how you help them. 

  • This is an explainer video that goes at the top of your website.
  • You might update this video annually or by-annually if your business is constantly evolving. 
  • The video is focused on your customers and how you help them - in doing so it introduces your business and services. 
  • This could be a mixture of talking head and motion-graphics. 

Tier 03: Product video

Describe the story of your product or services to interested parties. 

  • This video is for people that have connected with your brand and want to know if you can help them. 
  • Focus on why the product was created, what problem it solves, and how it will make customers feel.
  • People would see this video deeper into your website, in an email, as a YouTube pre-roll, or as an Instagram/Facebook ad.
  • The ideal product video takes the form of a customer testimonial.

These are your content pillars

Learn to create these three types of videos for yourself and your clients. 

  • Create storytelling formulas that match your brand, so that you don’t re-invent the wheel every time. 
  • Make a schedule of when to plan, create, and publish your Tier 01 content - work it into your schedule like going to the gym.
  • Most businesses have never thought about creating content this way, but once you explain it to them it makes perfect sense. 
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