Turn visitors into customers with an irresistible offer



I’m going to assume you’re not a globally known brand, like Starbucks or Toyota.
99% of new visitors won’t know you, which means you need to build your relationship with them from scratch.

Converting a visitor on your website into a customer is kind of like dating.

You don’t want to ask them to commit right away.

Get a small win while the two of you get acquainted before going in for the big ask.

Just like you only want to deliver one message, you also only want to provide one offer.

If you bombard visitors with too many offers they’ll get scared and leave.

Don’t be needy. 

Likewise if you don’t ask for anything they’re likely to get bored and leave never knowing how you felt about them 💔.
We can't let that happen.

Your one goal from a potential customers first visit to your website is to take the relationship to the next level.

By making them an offer they can’t refuse.

Provide your visitor with a no-strings-attached gift and wrap it into a delicious CTA (call to action).

Place that CTA button right under the one message that we worked on in the previous section.

Make sure your CTA button is in the header, footer... and everywhere on your website.

On average it takes people seeing an offer 7 times before they’ll take action, so don’t worry about over doing it. 

The user should never scroll too far without running into your CTA. Each time they see it, make sure it’s accompanied by yet another rock- solid reason why they need to claim this offer now.

This is a GIFT you’re giving them for free.

Remember, they’re scrolling through your website because the first sentence they read (the one we worked on in the previous section), resonated with them.
They want your gift.

They NEED it. 



Your gift should be a PDF download, or anything that will bring value to your potential customer.

Your customer has a problem that's frustrating them and your product is the solution they’ve been looking for.

What information can you give them in the form of a PDF that will start alleviating their frustration immediately? 

How can you set them on the path to solving their problem on their own?

👆That information is the gift that you offer for free.

Your gift could take a lot of forms but for the sake of simplicity, let’s call

this a PDF download.

A PDF download that provides valuable information is the simplest gift you could provide potential customers that will start building the relationship.

What you’re doing is tipping the relationship in your favor by giving them something valuable for free.

When visitors claim your offer they’ve invested in a relationship with you.

They’re open to a second date.

The more you get your visitor saying ‘yes’ to you, the more likely they’ll buy something from you when you ask. 

Send at least 3 automated emails expanding on the information you provided in your free PDF.

The content of these emails could be information, entertainment, or inspiration.

Remember that people make decisions based on their heart, not their head.

Make it fun.

The final email will be a sales letter where you ask them to buy from you.

By that time they’ll be primed to do business with you.

Here are some examples of what irresistible offers look like... 



Write the title of a PDF that begins to solve the problem frustrating your potential customer.

Use this formula to get started. 


3 Ways to "Get what you need" by "Understanding this".





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