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Andres Afseth, founder of AlphaGym

"3x more leads, immediately."

We were having problems getting people to signup through our website. In one demo call, Bal (Balind) showed us how to clarify our messaging and now we get 3x more leads.
— Andres Afseth on Feb 12, 2017

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Wework Community

Create a more community focused content funnel.

Ultimate Fighting Championship.

Harness devoted fans to bring in new fans.

Scion, a Toyota company.

Craft a user-experience and content ecosystem.


American Family Insurance.

Provide their customers with peach of mind through an app.

Neutrogena Cosmetics.

Launch a skin care product for fickle teens.


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Most entrepreneurs want to boost sales and grow their business. 

The problem is cutting through the noise of competition.


Bal (Balind) Sieber

Award-winning digital creative director

There are many generic brands, products, and services fighting for the same customers; it can be hard for the genuinely beneficial ones to stand out.

Too many businesses create overly complicated sales funnels and then pour money into marketing, never understanding why they don't seem to work.

The reason they're experiencing slow sales is more likely to be one or all of these three things.

  1. Their messaging requires potential customers to overthink just to understand if it's right for them.
  2. Their photos are generic looking stock that their customers can't relate to and don't build trust or connection.
  3. Their offer isn't compelling enough to make people want to give them their email.

In a sentence: the content that represents their brand is confusing and generic.

Does this sound like you?
If so, don't worry, you're normal.

If you're spending money on marketing before having your content dialed in, you're throwing it down the drain.

Here's the thing about creating engaging content...

Every great movie, tv show, or song you've ever seen is built on a formula. These formulas are as old as humans, but they've been perfected in the last 50 years by production companies, artists, and advertising agencies.

Time and time again I've watched these formulas used as a step-by-step process for successfully marketing a brand, product, or service online. Each step uses a proven creative method, backed by 2000-year-old brain science.

The steps look like this:

  • Step 1: Packaging & messaging.) Get hyper-clear on your ideal customer and package your brand with the messaging that hits them both emotionally and logically.
  • Step 2: Content ecosystem.) Develop the storyline that speaks to your audience and shows it through videos, images, and testimonials.
  • Step 3: Offer & automation.) Offer the perfect gift that gets warm leads to signup for an automated email campaign that nurtures them into paying customers.

I call this the "Content Funnel." 

It's a sales funnel built on clear and compelling content.
The funnel itself is nothing ground-breaking, anyone can create it, the magic is in how genuine and engaging the content is.

Once my clients have their Content Funnel in place, they're free to spend as much money on marketing as they please, knowing they have a proven system to attract and convert leads.
They're marketing becomes a faucet they can turn on or off depending on how many customers they can afford to have.

I've created an affordable blueprint, which allows me to customize the Content Funnel process to any brand, product, or service.
It costs $485 and takes two days. Get more information here.

If you'd like to learn more about my process, I recommend listening to my podcast or signing up for the free video training.

I'm passionate about helping entrepreneurs and founders achieve success with their business. If you're looking for feedback or coaching, email me to chat!


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Robin Campbell.

"It was hard to get our heads around the right messaging for our audience. With 3 simple tips from Bal (Balind) we now have a website that speaks directly to our customers."

— Robin Campbell, Entrepreneur & founder of Dance Dojo.


Christian Robinson.

"I was spending a lot on my marketing without getting results. Bal (Balind) suggested 3 small tweaks and immediately my responses doubled."

— Christian Robinson, Entrepreneur & founder of Blink Spanish.


Andres Afseth.

"We were having problems getting people to signup through our website. Bal (Balind) showed us how to clarify our messaging and now we get 3x more leads."

— Andres Afseth, Entrepreneur & founder of Alpha Gym.


Bal (Balind) was extremely collaborative and one of the most passionate creatives i’ve ever had the pleasure to work with.
— Ben Kennedy, VP Market Development, TBWA\INTEGER
Bal (Balind) enjoys taking on difficult challenges, and is especially passionate about making complex ideas simple.

Bal (Balind) was constantly pushing the envelope when it came to thinking outside the box and getting everyone in the room excited.
— Ali Khan, Art Director
Bal (Balind) puts his heart and soul into everything that he does — no matter how small or seemingly insignificant a task may be,
— Mark Campbell, Digital Producer

I’ve learned more about integrated marketing from Bal (Balind) than any other co-worker in my career.
— David Keating, Associate Creative Director
I was most impressed with how Bal (Balind) could evaluate the target, draw paradigms, and use them to define an experience.
— Seth Reid, Technology Director

I could always rely on Bal’s (Balind’s) strategic minded approach to guide and lead clients from complex problems to simple solutions.
— Kang Ha, Digital Director
Bal’s (Balind’s) passion for technology serves as a rudder to his innovative thinking.
— Mark Edwards, Entrepreneur & Digital Innovator