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Instagram marketing shouldn't be hard.

The old way of marketing on Instagram was to take a lot of pictures, post consistently with the right hashtags and hope for the best.


With ModernNerd, it's optimized, automated, and personal.

We use a formula to target the right people for your business and grow a massive audience while converting fans into loyal customers.


Andres Afseth, founder of AlphaGym

"3x more leads."

We were having problems getting people to signup through our website. After using the ModernNerd formula, we now get 3x more leads.
— Andres Afseth on Feb 12, 2017

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Wework Community

Create a more community focused Instagram funnel.

Ultimate Fighting Championship.

Harness devoted fans to bring in new fans.

Scion, a Toyota company.

Craft a user-experience and content ecosystem.

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"It was hard to get our heads around the right messaging for our audience. With 3 simple tips from ModernNerd we now have a website that speaks directly to our customers."

— Robin Campbell, Entrepreneur & founder of Dance Dojo.

"Our responses doubled."

"I was spending a lot on my marketing without getting results. I used 3 small tweaks from the ModernNerd formula and immediately my responses doubled."

— Christian Robinson, Entrepreneur & founder of Blink Spanish.

"We get 3x more leads."

"We were having problems getting people to signup through our website. After using the ModernNerd formula, we now get 3x more leads."

— Andres Afseth, Entrepreneur & founder of Alpha Gym.


Bal (Balind) was extremely collaborative and one of the most passionate creatives i’ve ever had the pleasure to work with.
— Ben Kennedy, VP Market Development, TBWA\INTEGER
Bal (Balind) enjoys taking on difficult challenges, and is especially passionate about making complex ideas simple.
Bal (Balind) was constantly pushing the envelope when it came to thinking outside the box and getting everyone in the room excited.
— Ali Khan, Art Director
Bal (Balind) puts his heart and soul into everything that he does — no matter how small or seemingly insignificant a task may be.
— Mark Campbell, Digital Producer
I’ve learned more about integrated marketing from Bal (Balind) than any other co-worker in my career.
— David Keating, Associate Creative Director
I was most impressed with how Bal (Balind) could evaluate the target, draw paradigms, and use them to define an experience.
— Seth Reid, Technology Director
I could always rely on Bal’s (Balind’s) strategic minded approach to guide and lead clients from complex problems to simple solutions.
— Kang Ha, Digital Director
Bal’s (Balind’s) passion for technology serves as a rudder to his innovative thinking.
— Mark Edwards, Entrepreneur & Digital Innovator